I am both idealist and realist. For there is no point in ideals if they cannot be realised.
Jacob (Jake) Barrie Gordon

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Emerald Acupuncture, Cambridge

29 September 2009

My wife Gemma has now graduated (in her second degree!) and is setting up a business as an acupuncturist in Cambridge. Are you interested in acupuncture in Cambridge?

My yearbook company

16 December 2008

AllYearbooks, my thriving yearbook business, has grown an awful lot since my last post about it here. This summer we took on our first staff (Jamey, Nic and David) and we moved to an office about Lloyds TSB on Mill Road here in Cambridge. I’m loving the fact that now that we have staff I can concentrate on coding cool new features into the site. Anyway, if you’re looking for a great yearbook company you know where to go!

Benjamin Luke Flash Gordon

24 October 2008

Did I mention I have a baby? No, because I haven’t updated this site in agggges. Well, I do, and his name is Benjamin Luke Flash Gordon and he was born almost a year ago now on November 16th 2007.

Mr & Mrs Jake Gordon

7 June 2006

I’m now married to the lovely Gemma Edwards… I mean Gemma Gordon!!! The wedding was a big success at the Min Y Mor hotel in Barmouth followed by the reception at a tipis venue.

AllYearbooks.co.uk Relaunches!

8 May 2006

After an awful lot of time (and money spent previously), I’ve finally launched my pet project, AllYearbooks.co.uk. Check it out if you want a school yearbook or university yearbook. Using a web-based system you can create online, paperback and softback books.

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